Valentin Makarov,
President of RUSSOFT Association

Dear friends!

On behalf of RUSSOFT Association we are welcome participants and attenders of the biggest exhibition in the Middle-East – GITEX Technology Week 2017.

Today, Russia can be proud of its innovative products and high technologies, which sometimes do not have analogues in the world, so one of the most important tasks of Russian IT companies is to establish a dialogue with the international business community. New technologies and developments of representatives of Russian business in the field of information technology and high-tech security can become a guarantor of security in foreign markets.

Our success is mainly based on the quality of our educational system, which annually graduate over 50 000 top level software engineers. Their quality is proved by the continuous domination of Russian universities in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests where we got 11 absolute wins over the last 18 years.

We are working in all continents, providing complex IT-solutions for Governments, for Defence, for B2B sector and for private customers. For the last two years RUSSOFT became the operator of the SafeNet Working group of the National Technology Initiative of Russia. Thus we are strongly involved in the R&D in the field of information security and of security of cyber-physical systems.

We would be more than happy to share our knowledge and competences with our clients in the Middle-East in order to facilitate the access of Arab countries to the new 6th Technology set up. We consider the Middle-East as a very promising market for the Russian software industry. Our proposal is based on a successful experience of cooperation between Russia and Arab countries in the past, as well as on a very large agenda of cooperation opportunities that we can offer to our Arab partners.

Looking to see our cooperation prosper,

With best wishes of success!