Petr Fradkov
Russian Export Centre, CEO

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Russian Export Centre I would like to welcome and congratulate you on the opening of Russian exposition within the International exhibition of information and telecommunication technologies GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Industry of information technologies is one of the most essential high-tech and dynamically developing sectors worldwide. And Russia is no exception. Nowadays the domestic export of the IT and telecommunications industry is developing rapidly - new companies are appearing, new interesting products are being developed, Russian developments are becoming more and more popular on the international market.

Export increase of high-tech products, which information and telecommunication technologies referred to, is one of the priorities of Russian state policy and the most important direction of the Russian Export Centre work. Domestic IT-companies emerge in the overseas marketplace actively and its developments in the field of software, e-services, telecommunication equipment are in a high demand worldwide. Government support will give them an opportunity to do an active uptick promoting IT to the international market and build-up exposure of Russia in the global economy. Our purpose is to help them.

I am positive that exhibition GITEX Technology Week 2017 в in UAE will be the networking platform for business leads generating between Russian IT-companies and its business partners in the Middle East.

Let me wish the participants of the exhibition success in achieving high business result and new projects!